Title Reports & Title Insurance in Clovis, NM

Offering a wide range of real estate services, Landmark Title, Inc. in Clovis, NM makes closing deals easy and hassle-free. Assisting buyers, sellers, lenders, and owners, we make ourselves readily available to all real estate clients. Over our decades of serving Curry County and beyond, our clients have come to rely on us and expect the highest level of personalized service on every transaction. We take pride in being thorough, accurate, and timely with all of our services. Furthermore, we possess a large amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure that our clients are always well-informed and well-taken care of.

For all of your title and real estate closing needs, contact Landmark Title, Inc. in Clovis, NM! No deal is too large or too small!

When you buy a new home or property, you are actually buying the title to the property. This is the right to use, own, and occupy the space. A title insurance policy will protect you against undisclosed problems with the title, including liens and documentation errors, forged signatures on deeds, fraud, and unknown property heirs. This type of policy offers protection from unforeseen factors that may cause loss or damage.

When you are approved for a loan to buy your home, your lender will require that you purchase a Loan Policy of Title Insurance. When purchasing a home, it is important to talk to your lender, attorney, or real estate agent about title insurance. We offer a variety of policies to bring our clients peace of mind.

Additional services offered:

Title Reports – Abstracts – UCC Searches – Foreclosure Reports – Preparation of various deeds, property specific Power of Attorneys, and other real estate associated documents – Notary Services – Full Search Department – Courtesy Closings – Refinance Transactions

LTI Exchange is a qualified intermediary in 1031 Exchanges. LTI Exchange can assist you with a 1031 Exchange that will allow you to sell your investment property, purchase a similar investment property, and defer federal capital gains taxes. We have extensive experience as a qualified intermediary in 1031 Exchanges and are proud to offer services that allow you to develop a strategic plan to maximize the benefits of your 1031 Exchange. It’s our goal to help you make reinvesting your capital gains dollars simple and easy.

Our team provides full escrow services for your real estate transactions. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure every condition of the sale is met. Once all forms, funds, and policies are delivered, the escrow and closing are complete. The buyer of the property will make their payments to Landmark Title, Inc. and from there, their payments will be forwarded to the seller. We strive to complete every transaction in an efficient and effective manner.

Contracts are an essential part of doing business and can protect your rights and interests. Real estate contracts cover the purchase, sale, or exchange of real estate between parties and can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. At Landmark Title, Inc., we can prepare all of the documents necessary for a successful real estate transaction. All of our contracts are written in clear and unambiguous terms so that every party understands what to expect from the other. Whether you need to draft a real estate contract or have an existing contract reviewed, we are here to help.