Real Estate Contracts in Clovis, NM

When it comes to real estate searches, contracts, closings, and more, you need a team you can really trust. Landmark Title, Inc. in Clovis, NM is the real estate title company that will do it all. In addition, all of our high-quality services can be tailored to meet your needs. Below we’ve included some helpful resources to keep our clients better informed about the world of real estate!


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Once the Seller and the Buyer enter into a Purchase Agreement, the Seller (or Buyer) will typically select a title company to provide escrow and title services.
Upon receiving an order for title, the chosen title company will search the title, provide a commitment to issue a policy, satisfy the commitment requirements with the assistance of the necessary individuals, including, sellers, prior or current lien holders, among others.
Once the closing is scheduled, the title company is then responsible for making sure that all required documents are signed, notarized and recorded, that all funds are properly disbursed to all parties, and policies are issued.
For your protection, you as the buyer should attain title insurance for any real estate purchase/transaction upon closing. On real estate contracts (owner financed), title insurance is typically not purchased until the Real Estate Contract is paid in full and may be purchased by either the buyer or seller.
With title insurance, you are protected from damages including forged documents, another person claiming ownership of your property, permit violations, liens, and more.


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